Saturday, July 26, 2008

Flying with Children

A question came in from a friend of mine. Let her know what you all think. Has anyone had to experience this?

"In your opinion, how early would you fly with a baby? Would you buy another ticket for the baby to be safer? What suggestions do you have for flying with an infant?

I am going to be in my friend's wedding. Her wedding is March 29, 2009. My baby is due December 12, so the baby would be around 3 months old to fly with. My husband will be at school, so I wouldn't be able to leave the baby plus I plan on breast feeding.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! 

Maryanne Nelson"

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Paige said...

I think 3 months is the perfect age to fly in my opinion. I flew with my son when he was this age and he slept the entire way. I wouldn't buy an extra seat you probally wont end up using it. And chances are if the flight isn't full they will let you sit in a row that is not full.

paulandcherisvreeken said...

I think you'll be fine flying with a little one. It's always better to travel when they're little and they sleep most of the day anyways. Most people are pretty kind to mother's with babies now a days and are eager for a chance to gawk. Like Paige said I wouldn't bother with an extra ticket. You only have so long until they don't get in for free anymore you might as well take it in when you can.

If you're nervous to take her/him with you, you know I will ALWAYS babysit!!!

G.'s Mommy said...

My little girl flew for the first time at 5-6 months. She did great as long as I had things to keep her entertained along with food to keep myself hydrated and what-not. One of the only things I can really suggest is to make sure you have enough diapers for him/her and water for yourself. I'd also suggest not buying a seat for your infant seeing as how they don't really use it and then you paid twice as much for a ticket than you needed to. I would however recommend asking for an isle seat just in case he/she gets air sick.... even at such a young age, it's possible. An extra change of clothes is a must if you're traveling by plane.... anything can happen when you mess with babies, altitudes, and different time zones all at once.

The Davis Family said...

I flew with my baby when she was 2 months. She was GREAT. No crying at all! I would just suggest having a bottle ready during take off and landing because it helps with the plugged up ears. Honestly, security was the worst part of the whole experiance. It was really tough getting myself, the baby, (they make you carry the baby through. You can't leave them in their strollers), the carseat, stroller, diaper bag, purse, through security ALL BY MYSELF! Also, do not put shoes on your baby because they make you take them off. Its rediculous! I would carry on your carseat. Chances are the flight is not booked and in that case you are allowed to strap your baby in next to you. It was nice because my baby went right to sleep in her seat! Good luck!! It will be just fine!

The Mallory's said...

I first flew with my little girl when she was only two weeks old and again when she was almost 3 months. It is the perfect age. I just suggest a window seat because if she wants to nurse it makes it a little easier if you are by yourself. Also bring a binki. Take off and/or landing can be rough on their ears. It never seemed to bother my little girl but it has bothered other babies. An extra seat wouldn't do much because you'll hold her anyways. An airport attendant told me she has yet to see an approved car seat for airlines. It should say on them if they can go on a plane and most do not. Security sucks but just so you know you husband can walk you through security even if he doesn't have a ticket. My mom has done it for my sister. You just have to get him a pass at the airport that says he can walk you through. Stay calm and so will your baby, they can pick up on your nerves.

If you're going to be by yourself I would suggest checking your car seat because that is one more thing you'll have to worry about carrying. If it doesn't get there the airline will fix it for you and give you a temporary one until they get yours. Just don't cause more stress than necessary.

Wii are the Nelsons said...

Thanks for all your comments! They are greatly appreciated. Now I have to find decent ticket prices again.

Do I need to call the airlines first before buying my ticket online to let them know I will have a baby with me?

Benson Family said...

You do not need to call the airline ahead of time. When you check in and check your bags be sure to go to a full-service counter and tell them right away you are traveling with a lap-infant. Be sure to bring with you a crib card (from the hospital when baby was born) if you do not have the birth certificate yet...they may not ask for baby's identification but it's always best to be prepared!

Three months is a great month to fly with a is so much easier to hold them at that age because they still sleep well when being held and it's less crazy when dealing with pressure changes to be able to just latch them on instead of having to deal with a carseat. Closer to 5 or 6 mo. and you may want to provide baby with some extra water because traveling can be dehydrating for you and baby. Be sure to pack WAY more diapers and spare clothing for yourself and baby than you think you will need and gate check a stroller or use a baby sling or carrier for use in the airport. Getting through security was a challenge, as the davis family mentioned, but you will find other travelers sympathetic and will often offer to help. GOOD LUCK! I always enjoyed traveling with my infant!

Tayvia said...

I flew with my son when he was 2 weeks old and there were no problems. I took airbourne to keep my immune system up and also my baby's ( I was nursing also). And I drank lots of water because you can get dehydrated easily on a plane. Bring a sling or carrier just in case you have to go to the bathroom or something and it is nice to put them in so that if they sleep you can fall asleep also and not worry about dropping them. Make sure to have them nurse or suck on a binky at take off and especially while landing so their ears don't hurt. e-mail me if you have any other questions.